The Sepsis Alliance Institute offers sepsis education and resources for healthcare providers across the continuum of care. Every year in the United States, 1.7 million people are diagnosed with sepsis and over 270,000 people die of sepsis. Sepsis is the most expensive in-patient cost in U.S. hospitals. In-patient hospital and skilled nursing costs for sepsis care are approximately $62 billion per year. Sepsis Alliance developed The Sepsis Alliance Institute to help improve sepsis diagnosis, treatment, and care.

The Sepsis Alliance Institute's goal is to create a community of healthcare providers who are prepared to recognize, treat, and care for patients with sepsis. Healthcare providers need to know the signs and symptoms of sepsis, and what to do when they recognize sepsis in their patients. In order to improve sepsis care, The Sepsis Alliance Institute offers a library of courses directed to healthcare providers across the continuum of care.


To create and deliver expert content for the healthcare community on the prevention, recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of sepsis across the continuum of care.

The Sepsis Alliance Institute seeks to enhance the skills, strategies, and performance of members of the healthcare community in diagnosing and treating sepsis.


A national healthcare system that is well prepared for sepsis across the continuum of care

Sepsis Micro-Learning

Learners can take courses at their convenience from the comfort of their home or office. Courses follow a micro-learning format. Micro-learning means that you can complete small sections of a course when you have time. We recognize that healthcare providers have limited time to complete continuing education. The Sepsis Alliance Institute designs small content segments that can be put into practice right away. Learn more about micro-learning here

The Sepsis Alliance Institute Team Members

Meet The Sepsis Alliance Institute Team! We're dedicated to improving performance and patient outcomes in the field of sepsis recognition and care. 

Meet our Medical Advisory Board to learn about the expert team providing guidance for The Sepsis Alliance Institute. 

Sepsis Alliance Board of Directors

Learn about our Board of Directors who provide guidance and insight to help Sepsis Alliance and The Sepsis Alliance Institute reach more healthcare providers.