Sepsis is the leading cause of death of young children and babies worldwide. Sepsis Alliance is committed to improving pediatric sepsis recognition, treatment, and care in the healthcare provider community. The Sepsis Alliance Institute offers a wide array of online education courses on pediatric sepsis. Find more information on pediatric sepsis and healthcare provider education below. 

Sepsis Alliance and Children's Hospital Association Educational Partnership

Sepsis Alliance is proud to partner with Children's Hospital Association to provide educational activities to healthcare providers focused on pediatric sepsis. 

Children's Hospital Association & Sepsis Alliance Webinars:

Training Modules:

Sepsis remains the leading cause of pediatric death worldwide, with reported mortality ranging from 4% to 50%, and nearly 10,000 deaths are attributed to sepsis in the United States each year. This course is designed to provide clinicians with a foundational knowledge of sepsis in children. Register here!


Providers play a decisive role in the identification and early treatment of children who have sepsis. This training module shows prehospital and emergency medicine clinicians how to identify, assess, and begin treatment for pediatric patients with sepsis. Register Here!


These educational activities have been a Joint Collaboration between Children's Hospital Association and Sepsis Alliance. 

Other Pediatric Sepsis Courses:

Additional Pediatric Sepsis Resources

Looking for resources to share with your patients or colleagues about pediatric sepsis? Sepsis Alliance has a variety of resources to help you raise awareness and educate others on the signs, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of sepsis in children. 

Pediatric Sepsis and EMS Survey Results

Sepsis Alliance and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) have partnered to conduct a research survey among EMS practitioners in the United States to evaluate their readiness for pediatric sepsis encounters, their ability to recognize sepsis, and the sepsis education they receive. Read the full survey results here.

Sepsis: Pediatric First Response General Education Video

Share this video with your colleagues, patients, and loved ones to ensure they know the signs and symptoms of pediatric sepsis. This video includes a reenactment of an EMS response to a pediatric sepsis case and expert commentary on sepsis in pediatric patients.

Sepsis in Children Educational Page

Sepsis Alliance has an entire page dedicated to pediatric sepsis dedicated to information on signs, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of sepsis in children. Our “Pediatric Symptoms of Sepsis” card is available for download to share there as well. Check out the educational page here.

Erin’s Campaign for Kids

In memory of Erin K. Flatley, an aspiring teacher who died at the age of 23 from sepsis, Erin’s Campaign for Kids aims to combat the high incidence and mortality rates of sepsis among children through awards and training programs. Learn more here.

Pediatric Sepsis Week

Every year in April, Sepsis Alliance observes Pediatric Sepsis Week to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of sepsis in children. You can read information about our past Pediatric Sepsis Week here

Sepsis Information Guide

Sepsis Alliance has many different Sepsis Information Guides on a variety of sepsis related topics, including one on pediatric sepsis. Download the Sepsis Information Guide “Sepsis and Children” here.

Sepsis and Children Video

Check out “Sepsis and Children” educational video from Sepsis Alliance. This video aims to educate the community about the signs and symptoms of sepsis in children, as well as share stories from those who affected by pediatric sepsis. View the video here.

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