Recce Pharmaceuticals Sponsored Presentation: Synthetic Anti-Infectives: Embracing New Technology

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Recce Pharmaceuticals is pioneering new classes of synthetic anti-infectives designed to address the urgent global health threat posed by antibiotic resistant superbugs and emerging viral pathogens. With a historic lack of innovation in new antibiotic drug development, the need for new therapeutics has never been greater. Microbes have evolved to be resistant to most, if not all, currently approved antibiotics. The global antibiotic pipeline remains deficient with no new classes of antibiotics developed in more than 30 years, ultimately allowing new types of resistant mechanisms and multidrug-resistant bacteria to continue to emerge and spread globally. There is an urgent need to develop new treatments to combat infections that do not introduce complications to the patient and contribute to antibiotic resistance. This is even more important when infection leads to sepsis, a life-threatening response to an infection. This is one of the most significant health complications that can result from antimicrobial resistance. Recce’s lead anti-infective compound RECCE® 327, is a synthetic polymer compound designed to empower physicians with a near-universal treatment for sepsis and infections caused by a broad range of bacteria, including ESKAPE pathogens likely to have developed antibiotic resistance. RECCE® anti-infectives can be used repeatedly against both viruses and bacteria including superbugs without contributing to drug resistance.

This course was originally recorded in June 2021 as part of Sepsis Tech & Innovation. 

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Industry leaders, Public Policy Experts, Health and hospital Leadership (C-Suite, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, CIOs), Health quality and decision support leaders, Health Investors and VCs, Health and Technology Media, Health Advocates, Health Advisors, Health Educators, Health Marketers. 

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James Graham

Chief Executive Officer, Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd

James Graham is the Chief Executive Officer of Recce Pharmaceuticals. Mr Graham has a background in marketing, business development and commercialisation of early stage technologies with global potential. Mr Graham continues to work closely with the growth and direction of the Company, routinely investing alongside shareholders in capital rounds to date.

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