Need resources to help your patients or colleagues better understand sepsis? Sepsis Alliance has you covered. Here, you'll find a library of resources that you can download, print, and share.

Sepsis Information Guides

Sepsis Alliance has created a large collection of Sepsis Information Guides on a variety of topics. These Sepsis Information Guides are free to download and print for your patients and community to educate them on a variety of topics related to sepsis. Learn more and download them from Sepsis Alliance here.

Public Education Videos

Educate your patients and community about sepsis and raise awareness through Sepsis Alliance's video library.

Posters and Infographics

Browse through Sepsis Alliance's free posters and infographics to help educate your staff and patients about sepsis and raise awareness. Find posters available for sale here.

Shop Our Store

Sepsis Alliance offers a variety of educational materials available for purchase on the online store. Popular items for educating staff and patients include:


Sepsis Alliance Clinical Community

Join your peers to access other sepsis care resources, like downloadable screening tools and progress notes, plus participate in best-practice discussions on the community forum.

National Sepsis Registry Initiative 

Founded by Sepsis Alliance, the National Sepsis Registry Initiative (NSRI) is an independent, consensus-driven, multi-stakeholder initiative to improve the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis patients and survivors through the creation of a National Sepsis Registry. Learn more and get involved at

POWER the AMRevolution

In 2021, an online survey was carried out among 6,330 adults living in the United States, Brazil, China, India, and Spain. Globally, only half of adults surveyed (52%) were aware of the term antimicrobial resistance (AMR), but fewer had knowledge of the effects of AMR. Click here to learn more about antimicrobial resistance, its link to sepsis, and how you can help POWER the AMRevolution and #EndSuperbugs!