Sponsored Webinar: Hemodynamic Management of the Pediatric Sepsis Patient

Webinar Description: 

Sponsored by USCOM

Individualized treatment of the pediatric sepsis/septic shock patient requires rapid recognition, appropriate, personalized administration of inotropes/vasopressors/antibiotics as well as trended hemodynamic monitoring during resuscitation and ongoing therapies. In this webinar, explore the challenges of recognizing pediatric sepsis. Learn about the recently released pediatric sepsis guidelines, and review the role of hemodynamic monitoring, fluid resusicitation, and ongoing therapies.

This webinar was originally recorded on 9/8/2020. 

Target Audience

Nurses, physician assistants, physicians, emergency responders, physical therapists, patient care assistants, and other healthcare staff

Learning Objectives

At the end of the presentation, the attendee should be able to:

  • Identify challenges in recognition of pediatric sepsis/septic shock.
  • Provide a synopsis of the current pediatric sepsis guidelines.
  • Restate how to successfully manage pediatric sepsis patients through individualized treatment.
  • Discuss patient-specific hemodyanmic monitoring, fluid resuscitation, and vasopressor/inotropic support.

Sepsis Alliance gratefully acknowledges the support provided for this sponsor innovation webinar by USCOM.

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Joseph Carcillo, MD

Professor of Critical Care Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Joseph Carcillo, MD is a pediatric critical care medicine specialist in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Carcillo completed a residency at Children's National Med Center. He currently practices at UPMC Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Carcillo is board certified in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

No continuing education credits are offered for this sponsored webinar.

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No continuing education credits are offered for this sponsored webinar.