Sponsored Webinar: How Diagnostics Contribute to Defining Sepsis

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Sponsored by Inflammatix

Sepsis is a complex syndrome with varying definitions and treatment approaches. Identifying whether or not a patient has an infection, and whether they have or are at risk of organ dysfunction, are critical to workflow. Diagnostics thus play a key role in the patient journey and are critical in describing how (and whether) infection and severity relate to sepsis. In this webinar, explore the role of diagnostics in sepsis identification and how to integrate diagnostics into your organization's workflow.

This course was originally recorded on 10/20/2020/ 

Target Audience

Nurses, physician assistants, physicians, emergency responders, physical therapists, patient care assistants, and other healthcare staff

Learning Objectives

At the end of the presentation, the learner should be able to:

  • Describe how different diagnostic modalities relate to different aspects of sepsis.
  • List the gaps in existing diagnostic tools.
  • Understand the key role host response diagnostics play in sepsis diagnosis, both now and in the future.

Sepsis Alliance gratefully acknowledges the support provided for this sponsor innovation webinar by Inflammatix.

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Tim Sweeney, MD, PhD

CEO, Inflammatix

Dr. Tim Sweeney is a licensed physician and data scientist with over 10 years of experience researching sepsis. After completing his MD/PhD at Duke University, he went to Stanford for general surgery residency. While training as a surgeon, he became frustrated with the current diagnostic tools for infection. During his residency research years, he completed a postdoc in Biomedical Informatics, during which he worked to identify a new way to diagnose infections based on ‘reading’ the immune system. This work led to the core technology on which Inflammatix is based.

No continuing education credits are offered for this sponsored webinar.

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No continuing education credits are offered for this sponsored webinar.