Sponsored Webinar: The Role of a Host Response Test in Early Identification and Appropriate Intervention for Sepsis

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Sponsored by Immunexpress

In this webinar, Dr. Roy Davis provides an overview of the current challenges of sepsis diagnosis and management, specifically related to early identification and appropriate intervention. He describes how the host immune response can be leveraged by including a gene expression assay as part of the Sepsis Clinical Toolset. The proposed role for this assay in the clinical workflow and sepsis program triage is covered along with its impact on diagnostic uncertainty.

This course was originally recorded on 3/4/21 as part of the Sepsis Alliance Clinical Community Sponsor Innovation Day.

Target Audience

Nurses, physician assistants, physicians, emergency responders, physical therapists, patient care assistants, and other healthcare staff

Learning Objectives

At the end of the presentation, the attendee should be able to:

  • Restate current challenges in diagnosis and management of sepsis.
  • Review a validated host response technology that differentiates sepsis from non-infectious systemic inflammation.
  • Identify the proposed role and clinical utility of this test in the sepsis clinical workflow.

Sepsis Alliance gratefully acknowledges the support provided for this sponsor innovation webinar by Immunexpress.

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Roy F. Davis, PhD, MD, MHA 

Chief Medical Officer, Immunexpress

Dr. Roy Davis, CMO at Immunexpress Inc. has 30 years’ experience in clinical medicine (Neonatal, Pediatric Critical Care) and hospital administration as Clinical Assistant Professor, WAMI program, Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington and as a Consultant in health care standards and quality of care delivered. While CMO at Providence Alaska he assisted in the implementation of MEWS and sepsis surveillance algorithms using the Microsoft Amalga platform across Providence Health & Services and won a national Microsoft Healthcare innovation award for work with MEWS in 2012. He has been with Immunexpress for 5 years, involved in the development and clinical validation of the role of host response in the diagnosis of sepsis.

No continuing education credits are offered for this sponsored webinar.

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No continuing education credits are offered for this sponsored webinar.