Survivorship: A Conversation with Katy Grainger

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Dr. Karin Molander talks with Katy Grainger, a sepsis survivor about her experience following septic shock and multiple amputations. After desperately trying to save her hands and feet, her hands were saved, but one month after the onset of sepsis, Katy had both of her feet and all, but three fingertips amputated. Katy will share her remarkable story as well as discuss with Dr. Molander her journey through recovery and living life today.

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Karin Molander, MD, FACEP

MD / Sepsis Alliance Chair, Board of Directors, Mills Peninsula Emergency Medicine Associates

Dr. Molander is a practicing emergency physician at Mills Peninsula Hospital in Burlingame California serving on the “front lines of sepsis care.” She became involved in the Mills Peninsula sepsis program in 2007 training intensivists in Early Goal Directed Therapy (EGDT) and central line placement. After joining the sepsis committee in 2009, she became chair in 2011 and then Sutter Peninsula Coastal Region Physician Lead in 2014. She has participated in the Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club Seminars, advocated for a San Mateo County Sepsis Alert which was approved in March 2019. For the first time the National Association for Emergency Medical Technicians included a chapter on Sepsis in the Advanced Medical Life Support textbook co-authored by Dr. Molander. As Chair of the Sepsis Alliance she was a key architect in creating the Sepsis Alliance Institute which provides valuable sepsis education for healthcare providers. She continues to educate the provider, patient, and the public through her Sepsis Alliance volunteer work with lectures, speaking engagements and media interviews.

Katy Grainger

Sepsis Survivor, Sepsis Alliance Board of Directors

Katy Grainger is a recent sepsis survivor and multiple amputee. In September 2018, she became ill with what she thought was "just the flu" but was admitted into the hospital 2 days later with life-threatening septic shock. Fortunately, her physicians identified sepsis and began a protocol that saved her life. They were unable to save her lower legs and 7 of her fingertips. Katy has found a new energy and passion to spread sepsis awareness in the hopes of preventing others from having her experience. Katy joined the Board of Sepsis Alliance in January 2020 and has been sharing her sepsis patient experience to enlighten others about this horrible syndrome. Sepsis Alliance posted a video of her story on YouTube. In the past 3 months this video has been viewed over 120,000 times by people worldwide. The video can be found here for more of her story:

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